Monday, 21 March 2016


Committee of Our Club

President : Cheong Ke Li

She conduct all the activities of the magic club, She will helps out with the planning and organizing of raising funds and special events.She also teach the students magic skills.

Vice - President : Lim Wei Thean

She assisted president as needed. She will solve the problem if the members have problems when doing magic. Vice President also has to make sure the attendance. 

Secretary - Tan Jia Wen

Secretary usually helps us write down the importance notes during lesson and meeting. She also help vice president take down the attendance.

Vice - Secretary

Vice- Secretary will help secretary when secretary is busy.

Treasurer - Tan Min Er

Treasurer will make sure the budget of all the activities to the low cost.

Vice - Treasurer : Lim Pei Qi

Vice treasurer usually collect the money from members and make sure all the students pass up the money on time.

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